Traci Sands

Schedule Coordinator & Customer Service Specialist

Traci is the Schedule Coordinator and a Customer Service Specialist for Saint Raphael Roofing. She is also involved with additional administrative tasks such as records management and accounts receivable. She has been with the company for 3 years and in the repair and construction industry for more than 10 years.

As the Schedule Coordinator and Customer Service Specialist, Traci takes all the calls coming into the company during the business day and after hours. With all the calls and other forms of communication, it can be difficult to process every item. Traci has shown she is highly organized, knowledgeable about the company, and committed to keep up with all the moving parts and priorities. For phone, email and internet inquiries for repairs, replacements or new construction, Traci will get all the necessary information such as caller identification, project location, and the nature of the project. She then places this on the shared calendar to develop the daily schedule for the sales and estimating team. As the projects develop, she will print proposals, create a folder with the contract and work with the Service Manager to further develop the schedule and help with communications to clients, keeping them informed of progress.

For her Customer Service role, Traci talks to customers regularly throughout the project and sometimes well beyond the project, having developed a strong and lasting relationship with them. Her goal is for the customer to be happy at all times.

When the client is talking, Traci makes sure she is listening closely to what they have to say. If a customer appears upset, her calm, sympathetic approach will reassure the client and she can then develop a better understanding of the situation and contact the right people to take care of any situation at any time, day or night. Traci is concerned about the clients and about the company’s reputation. Her concern is readily communicated by her voice and her words as she works with the client.

Traci places a high value on customers and her relationship with them. Prior to joining Saint Raphael Roofing, she worked in Customer Service roles for several other companies, developing a love for this type of work and great skills for working with people.

In the highly competitive roofing industry, earning and maintaining a strong customer service reputation is a major competitive advantage. Traci works hard every day to expand and further grow Saint Raphael Roofing’s reputation for quality and caring for their customers. She loves seeing a new 5 Star review.

3 years with Saint Raphael Roofing
10+ years industry experience


Safety: The safety of our customers, employees, and community is of the utmost importance.

Customer Satisfaction: Customers are the reason we exist. We strive to be easy to work with and reliable in all ways. We provide high quality products, craftsmanship and outstanding communications.

Respect For All People: We strive to treat all customers, vendors, co-workers, and others as friends and neighbors. We treat them in the same manner as we would like to be treated.

Integrity: Our business is built on trust. We will adhere to all applicable codes and regulations. Our communications with customers, with each other, and with the community will be open and transparent.

Teamwork: We succeed as a team. We must all do our part.


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