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by Westlake Royal Building Products

Westlake Royal concrete tiles add a layer of rich texture and dynamic style that brings an enduring beauty to compliment any design. The concrete tiles that Westlake Royal offers come in unique colors and blends with superior strength and durability that adds property value and curb appeal.

Designed to compliment traditional, contemporary and transitional styles,  concrete tiles come in 13 variations with more than 10 color blends to choose from. Tile variations range from low profile to high profile offering the look of slate, shake, split shake, old English thatch and Spanish inspired textures. Customizable options provide a wide range of possibilities to allow for optimal color and design match.

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Concrete tiles from Boral are guaranteed to never burn, be damaged by vermin, decompose or decay, delaminate, warp or curl due to the durable materials and unique construction that Boral offers with their products. Additionally, Boral’s concrete tiles are designed to use up 25% less foam than competitors. This roofing system design also helps lower heat in the attic which improves efficiency of the structure overall.


Boral offers Class 3 and Class 4 Impact concrete tile, the highest hail performance certification recognized in the industry. If the tiles are ever damaged, they can be easily replaced individually. Boral has designed their concrete tiles to be durable enough to not only last, but also be versatile enough to be repaired and maintained over time.


 Boral’s exclusive non-prorated fully transferable limited lifetime warranty is guaranteed for the lifetime of the structure that the roofing system is installed upon. That’s right, this roof will last as long as the building when properly cared for. Boral is passionate about offering detailed care instructions for their concrete tile roofing systems to ensure that it will last a lifetime- literally.

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