Marsha Jones

Inspection Coordinator

Marsha is the Inspection Coordinator for all roofing projects for Saint Raphael Roofing. She has been with the company for 4 years and in the construction industry for a total of 8 years. She schedules all the municipal and county inspections required for all the projects in the three-county region and logs the timing into the shared calendar where all projects are listed and color coded. In addition, she ensures that the Construction Manager is scheduled for pre-inspections to confirm there will be no issues. After the inspection, she will log in the results. The Construction Manager is scheduled to visit each project at least three times. The first is prior to the beginning of the project to meet the owners, review the details, and examine the job site. Following dry-in, he is scheduled for another visit for a quality check. He returns prior to the final inspection to ensure the project is ready.

Marsha also performs significant other roles such as assisting with the gutter division, managing tile deliveries, building material warranties, customer service, and managing donations.

For the gutter division, she will help with scheduling crews, making sure everything is organized, and that the crews have all the paperwork and information they need. For customer service, Marsha will help answer phones, make calls to vendors and owners to take care of all the little details and make it easier on the customer. Great communications help make highly satisfied customers.

A part of her job that Marsha loves is managing donations. She enjoys being part of Saint Raphael Roofing’s giving back to the community. Locally, they are active with a food kitchen, Lee Builders Care, and the charitable activities of the Collier Building Industry Association as well as Habitat for Humanity in the Fort Myers area.

When she first joined Saint Raphael Roofing, Marsha primarily worked in customer service, having performed similar roles in the medical and construction fields. She treats others with kindness and has learned to establish trust and build relationships quickly. Her responsibilities have grown as the company has grown and she has helped develop new processes such as the shared calendar system to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. She takes pride in all her work. Time management and flexibility are critical in this constant change environment. There is a continuous need to adapt and overcome to keep the customers happy. The family culture and team values at Saint Raphael Roofing are an invaluable help as Marsha knows that she can count on her co-workers to make the projects go smoothly and keep the customers satisfied.

4 years with Saint Raphael Roofing
8 years in construction


Safety: The safety of our customers, employees, and community is of the utmost importance.

Customer Satisfaction: Customers are the reason we exist. We strive to be easy to work with and reliable in all ways. We provide high quality products, craftsmanship and outstanding communications.

Respect For All People: We strive to treat all customers, vendors, co-workers, and others as friends and neighbors. We treat them in the same manner as we would like to be treated.

Integrity: Our business is built on trust. We will adhere to all applicable codes and regulations. Our communications with customers, with each other, and with the community will be open and transparent.

Teamwork: We succeed as a team. We must all do our part.


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