A General Guide to Asphalt Roofing Material

Wondering which type of roof is stylish, durable, and affordable? Asphalt shingle roofing may be the best choice. This type of roofing can be an attractive design element for your home because it comes with a wide array of colors and styles. Shingle roofing is also durable and budget friendly.

Modern asphalt shingle roofing has been used for well over 100 years and is widely used today. It’s most popular in residential areas and provides a cozy traditional feel. It comes in a large selection of color and style choices to accommodate just about any desired look. The availability and lower cost of production of asphalt shingles compared to other roofing materials make it a popular choice in today’s market. Shingle roofing comes in a wide range of pricing depending on quality to accommodate everyone’s budget.

Traditional asphalt shingles are made of limestone and asphalt mixed together for easy application. Modern technology has also provided the production of composite shingles where fiberglass is incorporated to provide additional strength. Asphalt shingles are very durable and have a life span of 25 years or more. As with any roof, it’s important to ensure that you have a quality professional installation to get the most out of your investment. Contact Saint Raphael Roofing for a free quote to get the job done right.

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